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Where Can I Find An Englewood Family Dentist?

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We may not realize it, but bringing our children to an experienced pediatric dentist for routine dental care is a decision that can help them establish and maintain a lifetime of good oral health. At Growing Smiles of Englewood, your Englewood family dentist teaches your children the fundamental knowledge and techniques necessary to prevent the most common dental conditions. Providing a comprehensive range of specialized pediatric dentistry services with a knack for making kids feel at ease, your children will be in excellent hands, and have the opportunity to develop a positive attitude towards future visits to the dentist.

Englewood Family Dentist

Teaching your children to maintain their oral hygiene is part and parcel to maintaining their overall health and well-being. Emphasizing a preventive approach to dental care, your Englewood family dentist makes learning how to brush and floss a fun experience, and can teach your children all about the effects of diet on oral health. By bringing in your young ones at least twice a year for a comprehensive oral exam and professional teeth cleaning, your dentist can treat any issues at their first signs. From the onset of dental decay, to addressing harmful habits, such as prolonged digit sucking, tongue thrusting, or certain breathing or swallowing patterns, your pediatric dentist is specially trained to watch out for any issues which can adversely affect your children’s oral health. Your Englewood family dentist is also more than happy to address any of your questions and concerns as a parent, from the dangers of baby bottle syndrome, to space maintenance for lost teeth, and the benefits of using sports mouth guards if your children play on a team.   

For exceptional quality pediatric dental care that can truly make a difference in your children’s life, call the office of Dr. Chen at Growing Smiles of Englewood today!


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