Where can I find a Bergenfield Children’s Dentist?

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According to statistics, pediatric dental decay is the single most chronic disease among children. At Growing Smiles of Englewood, we provide your kids with the special attention and extra-gentle care they require to reduce their risk of cavities and maintain good oral health. As a Bergenfield children’s dentist, we focus on making visits to our office as light-hearted, comfortable and engaging as possible. Positive experiences at the dentist’s office early on help to establish a strong the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. When you bring your children to visit us for routine care, we provide them with personalized treatments, education and hands-on instruction so essential for keeping a clean and healthy smile throughout the year.

Dental decay is a process, which begins with the accumulation of dental plaque in the mouth. If you were to look at dental plaque under a microscope, you would find colonies of active bacteria with a love for sugar. It is these very bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay. Now it’s no secret that kids—and many of us adults—like candy and sweets. However, a diet high in sugary foods is what these harmful bacteria thrive on to produce tooth decay.  Beyond teaching your kids to follow a healthy oral care regimen at home and make healthier dietary choices, your Bergenfield children’s dentist also offers a variety of services to help strengthen and further protect your children’s developing teeth from dental decay. Among the list are professional teeth cleanings, periodic treatments of topical fluoride, and the application of dental sealants when the back molars come in. While the statistics on tooth decay are high, it’s important to remember that with routine care, excellent oral hygiene, and a nutritious diet, it is almost entirely preventable.

For a skilled and compassionate pediatric dentist and the quality preventive care your children deserve, schedule your next visit with our Bergenfield’s children’s dentist. To find out more about our office or to make an appointment for care, call Growing Smiles of Englewood today!

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