Kids Dentist in Englewood

Special Needs Kids Dentist in Englewood

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Where can I find a special needs kids dentist in Englewood?

As a pediatric specialist, Dr. Eytan Chen is specially trained to accommodate the unique needs of every patient who visits for dental treatment, and is especially sensitive to those with special health care needs. Highly skilled in making your little ones feel at ease, at Growing Smiles of Englewood, their professional staff has undergone additional training to care for children with physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, sensory or mental impairment, as well as those affected by an orofacial disorder or condition. As your premier source for an exceptional special needs kids dentist in Englewood, Dr. Chen has the experience, skill, and ability to adapt to your children’s needs, delivering the safe, gentle and effective dental care they deserve.

Special Needs Kids Dentist in Englewood

Providing dental care for children with a disability poses unique challenges, even for routine checkups and professional teeth cleanings. Your special needs kids dentist in Englewood is experienced in treating children with disabilities, and will work carefully with your children to earn their trust, and make their experience as positive and comfortable as possible. Equipped to modify treatment to address their unique demands, Dr. Chen is also specially trained in sedation dentistry for patients with anxiety, dental phobia, or difficulty staying still during treatment. When it comes to sedation, the majority of patients are well accommodated from the comfort of Dr. Chen’s office. Offering nitrous oxide, as well as oral sedation, and IV sedation, Dr. Chen and his staff are extremely careful in monitoring and prescribing any medication for your children, and will diligently review all pertinent medical records before treatment. Dr. Chen is also prepared to facilitate dental care with general anesthesia in a hospital setting when necessary.

If you’ve been looking for a special needs kids dentist in Englewood with a reputation for excellence, consider making Growing Smiles of Englewood your premier resource for all your pediatric dental care needs. To schedule your next appointment, call their cozy, kid-friendly office at the number below.


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