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Englewood Pediatric Dentist

As a parent, when your child is experiencing pain, it is time to spring into action and get the appropriate care to alleviate their suffering and restore their well-being. If your child is experiencing dental pain, be it from a traumatic injury, toothache, or other causes, it is a good idea to seek out your nearest resource—your pediatric dentist near Englewood. At Growing Smiles of Englewood your child’s dental health is in the best of hands. A skilled pedodontist, Dr. Eytan Chen provides expert dental care to infants, toddlers, adolescents and teens. Whatever the nature of their dental emergency is, Dr. Chen is well equipped to address their needs. Providing compassionate and skilled care utilizing the most advanced methods and treatment modalities is why so many parents look to Growing Smiles of Englewood for their child’s dental care.

Pediatric Dentist near Englewood

When it comes to dental pain in children, toothaches and traumatic injuries the most common culprits. While some dental emergencies in children may involve their baby teeth, others affect their permanent ones. Although both situations require immediate care the treatment considerations may be different.

Many dental emergencies in children are the result of extensive dental decay that is affecting the nerve of their tooth and causing them significant discomfort. The tooth may even have an abscess and be manifesting signs of an infection. When irreversible damage to the nerve a permanent tooth is involved, every effort is made to save the tooth and restore it to healthy form and function. If the involved tooth is a baby tooth, then a different course of action may be followed- with the decision resting on what is best for the unerupted permanent tooth and your child’s overall health.  As your pediatric dentist near Englewood, Dr. Chen will carefully explain all the best treatment options as well as every step in the care of your child’s dental emergency.

Whatever the situation may call for, your pediatric dentist near Englewood is equipped with the experience and state of the art technology to provide the utmost quality dental care for your child. If your child is having a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to us at Growing Smiles of Englewood.


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