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Teeth extractions 07631

Where can I get teeth extracted in Englewood?

At Growing Smiles of Englewood, your pediatric dentist is here for your children when they need it most. Specially trained to help keep your children at ease during their visit, Dr. Eytan Chen provides the full spectrum of pediatric dentistry services, from routine checkups and preventive care, to special needs services, emergency care, and teeth extractions 07631. Offering the full suite of sedation options for your children, if they’re experiencing any order of oral pain, they’ll be in excellent hands.

Teeth extractions 07631

While it is generally best to allow the developmental process of baby or primary teeth to proceed naturally, there are occasions when a primary tooth needs to be extracted, including among other cases: when serious decay or disease is present, a traumatic injury has occurred, when a permanent tooth has erupted and is prevented from positioning properly by a primary tooth that is not loosening, or your pediatric dentist or orthodontist has determined a tooth must be extracted as part of orthodontic treatment. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Chen can monitor the development of your children’s teeth, gums, and jaws, and determine if referral to an orthodontist is necessary. When teeth come in incorrectly, or have been severely damaged, your pediatric dentist will always do everything possible to save your children’s natural teeth. In the infrequent alternative, for medically determined situations, Dr. Chen performs quick and gentle teeth extractions 07631 to help prevent any further issues.

If your children should require teeth extractions 07631 for any reason, Dr. Chen provides the full range of sedation options to help keep your children completely at ease.  For the emergency oral care of a trusted pediatric specialist, choose Growing Smiles of Englewood for all of your children’s dentistry needs.

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