Englewood Children's Dentist

Englewood Children’s Dentist

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Children’s Dentist in Englewood

If you’re looking for a first-rate Englewood children’s dentist, Dr. Chen at Growing Smiles of Englewood is a pediatric specialist that has demonstrated his expertise in the field. Providing the foremost treatment techniques and technology for the benefit of his pediatric patients, he loves children and is enthusiastic about his work. If you’re on the lookout for a nearby children’s dentist, consider visiting his warm, kid-friendly office right here in Englewood.

Englewood Children’s Dentist

With an emphasis on preventive care for your child’s oral health, your Englewood children’s dentist encourages parents to bring their children in for regular visits for cleanings and oral health exams. Keeping a keen eye on the development and health of your children’s teeth, gums and jaws is all part of the preventive program of treatment you can expect your children to receive at Growing Smiles of Englewood. While we may not always think of baby teeth as playing an important role in our mouths later on in life, they do.

Apart from enabling children to eat, speak and have healthy function of their mouths, baby teeth hold space for the permanent successor teeth until they are ready to erupt. Dr. Chen performs space maintenance after certain baby teeth are lost prematurely so that the proper arch length in your child’s mouth is maintained. This is an interceptive procedure that acts to make sure that the permanent teeth have enough space to come in with proper, healthy alignment. In the long run, space maintenance can prevent the need for additional orthodontic work, and is an effective method for which helps to ensure the healthy development of your children’s natural teeth.

Whether your kids are in need of space maintenance, dental sealants or fluoride treatments to help prevent the development of dental decay, your Englewood children’s dentist at Growing Smiles of Englewood is prepared to help. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Chen, call his office at the number listed below


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