Kids Dental Exam in Englewood

Dental Exam in Englewood

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Where can I get a pediatric dental exam in Englewood?

At Growing Smiles of Englewood, their dentist specializes in pediatric dental care. With an experienced staff that has received advanced training to meet the dental needs of infants, toddlers, school-age children and adolescents, your children’s smile will be in the very best of hands. Whether your children are due for a dental exam in Englewood, or are experiencing a toothache, Dr. Eytan Chen makes visits to his Englewood dental office safe, comfortable, and informative, not only for children, but for parents as well! At Growing Smiles of Englewood their goal is to help your children feel completely at ease while providing the highest quality oral care.

Dental Exam in Englewood

Teaching your children to care for their oral health is the gift that keeps on giving. Your pediatric dentist can help educate your children about the effects of diet on oral health, and teach them the best methods for brushing and flossing methods to establish an early and strong foundation for maintaining a healthy smile. Best of all, your dentist is extremely knowledgeable and fully prepared to address any questions or concerns you may have about your children’s oral health. As your children’s dentist, Dr. Chen, encourages parents to bring their children in two a year for a dental exam in Englewood. In this way, he can carefully monitor the health of your children’s jaws, gums and teeth, and check for signs of any harmful oral habits that can affect their dental development and bite. Since children are particularly susceptible to cavities—a result of inadequate oral hygiene practices and a sugary diet—additional protection is provided in the form of dental sealants and fluoride treatment may be recommended for their teeth. Shielding and strengthening the enamel against the harmful effects of acid erosion, these extra measures can make a big difference in the healthy oral development of your children.

Together with the help of your dentist, you can get proactive about your children’s oral health. To schedule your children’s next dental exam in Englewood with an exceptional pediatric dentist, contact Dr. Chen and his staff at Growing Smiles of Englewood to schedule your next visit.


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